"As I watch or read a story, I want to feel something.  I want to laugh, cry, get angry, or sad.  A story that can spark emotion is important.  I just want to pen stories that spark emotion.

- reese anderson



Reese Anderson is an author, blogger, philanthropist and creator.  She was born on Long Island, NY in the small town of Syosset.  Anderson attended Kennesaw State University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Communication.  

Anderson spends most of her time coaching in youth basketball programs, and traveling.  She loves to interact with people through social media.



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Social Media, Millennials, Depression, and Some Other Ish...

Vision boards were meant to inspire and drive us to our goals.  However, the idea of summarizing our life "#goals" into visual cutouts of material things we wish to obtain for our personal happiness is dangerous.  Yeah, some people put things like marriage on their board which "isn't material".  But what is the most used picture that people cut out of magazines to symbolize marriage?  A ring!

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Relax Your Mind, Let Your Conscious Be Free: Introduction of the Mental Health Day

We have even tricked our minds into believing we are lazy if we respect our bodies’ calls for rest.  “I will sleep when I’m a millionaire”.  Oh, the irony.  I assume to become a millionaire, you have to have millionaire thoughts. These thoughts are less likely to come if your brain is constantly exhausted....

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"At Least I’m Not In A Cubicle”: Financial Freedom VS Creative Freedom

Her shade reminded me of the numerous conversations I’ve held with my creative friends that think 9-5’s are beneath them.  There are so many people who think if you work a job, you can’t chase your dreams simultaneously.  In fact, I have seen clothing geared around this ideology.  People wear this far-fetched logic like a badge of honor....